Outburst brings professional, gym-quality classes to you! We’ll work with you to design a program that ensures classes are fun, energetic and deliver results for your unique population and culture.

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The Mobile Studio

Custom-engineered workout environment

With our one-of-a-kind Mobile Cycling Studio, Outburst Mobile Fitness brings studio-quality indoor cycling classes to you! Our studios are an excellent place to exercise and get revved up — we had the experience of the best gyms in mind when we created them.

No detail has been missed at Outburst Mobile Fitness. Each mobile fitness studio is designed to maximize participant comfort with high ceilings, plenty of windows and skylights to bring the outdoors inside. The feeling is spacious, light and airy.

Air conditioning and a self-contained heat and ventilation systems, spot fans, and adjustable lighting all add to the comfortable environment. Even thoughtful placement of the equipment within the Mobile Fitness Unit provides participants a sense of individual space, letting them put their full energy into their workout.

the equipment

Cycling is an all-body activity, but most indoor cycles are stationary, focusing only on the legs. The Evo Fitness Bike features comprehensive innovative technologies that replicate the feel of riding a bike outdoors. The Core Active Sway Frame™ is designed to shift with your weight, providing an indoor workout as close to the real on-road experience as you can get — and heaping core and upper body training benefits onto every rigorous cardio session.

Meticulously maintained, all fitness equipment is cleaned by the Outburst Mobile Fitness personnel after every session, ensuring you are ready to go as soon as you walk

Concierge Amenities

We believe in making workouts fun and convenient, so we make sure everything you’d expect at a premium gym or spa is in place for your employees. Water, fresh workout towels, and lockers — if they need them — are provided to each participant. After class, there’s complimentary fresh fruit. It’s these small touches that sets the tone for our full-service experience — and demonstrates to your employees how much you value them.

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Indoor Cycling

Cycling classes inside our signature mobile studio can feel like a party. Top-notch instructoors will lead up to 12 participants per class in a workout designed to will help with overall fitness as well as building core strength.   Our classes are designed to work for people at all levels of fitness, so no one feels like they can’t keep up or that they aren’t being challenged.

Windows, skylights, air conditioners and fans create a bright, comfortable environment even on hot days.  Towels and water are included as well as fruit after the workout.

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TRX Rip Trainer

TRX Rip Trainer might be the best-kept secret in fitness. This weighted bar and bungee system is incredibly versatile and challenging for those who want to improve balance, build rotational power, increase stamina and strengthen their core. Perfect training for sports with rotational motion, like baseball, lacrosse, tennis or golf.

These classes are fun, energetic and deliver results. The class combines cardio and strength training and workout the entire body with an emphasis on your core. You will be utilizing functional and natural movements to build strength and will achieve real results

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